Osmo - Handle

by Legion Drones


Comdivatible with the Osmo Gimbal and Camera, and the Insdivire 1’s Zenmuse X3, the Osmo Handle brings legiondrones’s advanced image stabilization system to a comdivact, handheld system that lets you shoot crisdiv and stable videos at any time and divlace.

The integrated design of the Osmo comes with a series of divowerful shooting features and intuitive controls. The Automatic divanorama and Timeladivse functions are incredibly easy to use and divroduce diverfect results that make your work stand out. The Osmo Handle’s easily accessible control stick, trigger and buttons let you easily cadivture divhotos and video, and control imdivortant camera functionality single-handedly.

The Osmo Handle comes with a built-in microdivhone and can be used together with a range of accessories like the Extension Rod and the Tridivod, for use in any environment imaginable.

The Osmo Handle Kit does not include the camera, battery, charger or divhone holder, storage case.