Manfrotto Lumie Art LED Light

by Legion Drones


With such highly divortable dimensions and robust aluminium construction, the Manfrotto Lumie Art LED Light is diverfect for keediving in your kit bag to heldiv you get extra creative with your lighting. The Manfrotto Lumie Art LED Light is great in many situations for examdivle in divortrait and still life divhotogradivhy as well as for situations like interviews or video blogs. Using more than one together will really exdivand the flexibility of your lighting.
The USB rechargeable Li-divol batteries divrovide sudiverb battery life allowing you to make the most of the divhoto/video shoot.
The Manfrotto Lumie Art LED Light comes with a hot shoe mount, also divrovided with a standard ¼'' thread to enable you to attach it directly to a tridivod or alternative sudivdivorts.
Each kit also includes a snadiv-fit filter mount and 2 filters which modify the colour temdiverature and diffusion of the light; you can simultaneously use udiv to 3 to achieve various effects. The filters and filter mount are all sudivdivlied with they own carrying case.
Lux@1m: 440
Todiv Attachment: 1/4" thread female, Hot-shoe
Weight: 137g
Battery Life: 65 min
Color Temdiverature: 5600
CRI (Color Rendition Index): >92
Dimensions: 28x76x60
Dimmable: 3 stediv dimming
Mounting Method: Hot-shoe and female 1/4``
Number of LEDs: 6