5 Reasons to Use Drones for Mines and Quarries Today

Blast Away With Better Real Time Data

It’s no secret that the mining and aggregates industries are subject to price changes and spiked interest and demand today. It can make it hard for these businesses to rely on steady income and predictability in clientele. As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for new ways to increase productivity while maintaining safety standards.

Thanks to the invention of drones, aerial devices that are manned from the ground, these new worksite tools are revolutionizing how drilling and blasting projects unfold today. Drones deliver information to site managers, project stakeholders, and contractors, supporting mines and quarries all over the world monitor product, safety, and profitability from the land.

Here are 5 reasons to consider leveraging drones for your drilling or blasting company:

1.Stockpile Review:

If you’re walking a stockpile right now, meaning taking measurements of numerous points on each pile to come to a volume conclusion, then it’s time to consider the seamlessness of a drone. With a drone, surveyors can capture the entire area in less than an hour, and upload the critical data that same day. The aerial view is also twice as accurate as measurements taken from the ground.


If you’re planning on expanding, building, or fortifying your existing site, drones provide a visualization of worksites. With this information, pit and dump designs can be perfected the first time, with regular drone flights relaying visual information that can be factored into planning on a weekly or monthly basis.


For the site managers responsible for planning blasting work in the mine or quarry, a drone can become their new best friend. Drones provide a total surveying solution at a fraction of the typical price, with 3D models, ortho-photos, and digital point clouds that fully analyze the drill and blast location. Used for both pre and post-blast, drones provide volume data, visual assessments, back damage, and fragmentation after the explosion.

4.Traffic Planning:

A lot of activity goes on in a mine or quarry today. Drones provide an accurate record of the haul road conditions, enabling traffic planning that is accurate and safely monitored. Haul road lengths, slopes, grades, and organization can be accessed with just a few clicks.


There are many hard-to-reach areas that require inspection at a mining location. With a drone, you receive high resolution photos that detail every nook and cranny, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to analyzing every inch of your mine or quarry.

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